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Buddhist Studies: Life of the Buddha & The Development of Buddhism

with Cynthia Spencer & Katherine Lieberson
January 8 / 7:00 PM - February 12 / 9:00 PM

Recommended: WOS Year I courses or previous Buddhist Studies courses

Some 2,500 years ago an Indian prince, Siddhartha Gautama, sat quietly in a place known as Deer Park at Sarnath and began to offer simple teachings based on his own experience. These teachings were practical instructions on how to free oneself from suffering by relating to the everyday experience of life and mind.

Beginning with the life of the Buddha, this course will trace the development of Buddhism in India from the early schools to the Mahayana schools and the Vajrayana.

Katherine Lieberson is a second-generation Shambhala Buddhist. She received her Master’s degree in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism from Naropa University and teaches within the Shambhala community. She was the former Co-Director of the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York and is currently serving in the Office of Culture and Decorum. She is a member of the band TEEN and enjoys doing calligraphy in her spare time.



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