Program Details

Kado: The Way of Flowers

with Marcia Shibata
October 13 / 5:00 AM - October 18 / 6:00 AM




Discover and cultivate your source of creativity and learn how to express this with the practice of Kado. Meaning ‘the way of flowers’, Kado is an ancient art form of flower arranging. Originating from China over 2000 years ago, it eventually assimilated itself into Japanese culture. It is a meditative, contemplative understanding of self, nature, space and perception. It is about the vibrancy and beauty of flowers and how it can wake up the environment, and us as individuals to the preciousness of the present moment.

The ultimate purpose in Kado is to respect nature and remain faithful to its natural form, to ‘take what you need and not what you want’.You will be introduced to the concepts of heaven, humanity and earth in forming the base core structure of each arrangement. The aim is not to make conventional beautiful arrangements but to replicate direction of light, non-competition of flowered stems placed following a natural heirarchy in a disciplined, orderly way.

One of the many forms of contemplative art practiced in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, Kado springs from the practice of sitting meditation. Through a combination of individual instruction and group practice, participants will be given full instruction in sitting meditation. The retreat will include short talks presented by the teacher Marcia Wang Shibata on the philosophy and practical aspects of Kado, and how the principles extend into daily life. Regular demonstrations will be given followed by the opportunity to create your own arrangement.



Marcia Wang Shibata is a member of the Shambhala Art Council and a longstanding Shambhala art teacher working with students throughout Europe and North America. She is one of the strongest inspirations behind the resurging practice of Kado, her main interest is to show how flower arranging is a path of meditation and how this path can be a guide for our lives.



This programme starts on Monday October 13 at 20:00 and ends on Friday in the evening. You can choose to leave anytime next day, on Saturday October 18.



No prior experience in the art form or meditation practice is necessary. The programme will be a great opportunity for flower lovers to explore a form of practice which utilizes their affection as an ongoing path of authentic expression



This retreat is taught in English. Translation into other languages are available at no extra costs. Please give us notice of your request as early as possible - about 2 months in advance -, so that we can provide translation services. In case you register short-term please get in touch with us in case you need translation into your language.

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