Program Details

Sun Camp

August 2 / 5:00 AM - August 9 / 6:00 AM




This week-long program is open to anyone aged ten to sixteen. We live in a very basic outdoor container, sleep in tents and cook over open fire. Sun Camp is a program where simplicity is cultivated to help us relax with space and connect to ourselves. Next to sitting meditation, our main practice is drill, where the particpants learn to synchronize body and mind. Sun Camp culminates in the traditional “skirmish,” a daylong capture-the-flag exercise involving strategy, teamwork, and the challenge of holding one’s mind in the face of chaos.

For more information and to register please visit the Shambhala Sun Summer Camp Website  or contact us at


Cadet Command Workshop - July 30- August 2

The Cadet Command Workshop is a three day program for 14 to 16 year olds who have previously attended Sun Camp.

During this leadership training CCW participants set up the container for Sun Camp, preparing and taming the ground before the rest of the participants arrive. They are trained to take on leadership positions during Sun Camp. Therefore CCW applicants must attend the Sun Camp immediately following.


Rites of Warriorship - August 9-11

Rites of Warriorship is a three day program that marks the participant’s entry into adulthood. Like other coming-of-age rituals, the proceedings of this program are secret. The program officially begins the day Sun Camp ends, but Rites of Warriorship participants who are eligible are strongly encouraged to attend the week long Sun Camp immediately before Rites of Warriorship.


For more information and to register please visit the Shambhala Sun Summer Camp Website or contact us at

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