Program Details

Youth Retreat - Exploring Mindfulness

with Orhun Cercel
July 19 / 5:00 AM - July 30 / 6:00 AM



This summer meditation programme is aimed at younger people (18 to mid-30s) and will explore the many aspects of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the capacity to be present and stay connected with our experience. Our experience is made up of five sense perceptions. Often in life we find ourselves lost in our fantasies and thoughts; it is not that thoughts are a problem, but our habitual way of relating to them is problematic. Through the practice of mindfulness we can begin to break our habitual tendency of divorcing ourselves from the here and now and start to relate to our lives as they unfold in the present moment. That can transform our relationships and give us the possibility of developing wakefulness in society. Mindfulness requires an attitude of unconditional friendliness and kindness, as well as the courage and warriorship to not absent ourselves when the going gets tough. Cultivating such an attitude is the basis of profound individual and social change.

In this summer programme we will explore these themes, and also have fun together. The youth retreat will involve periods of meditation, contemplation, study, reflection, and discussion, as well as a series of social activities such as excursions, trips, walks, meals together, engaging with the colourful social activities of the Limoges countryside, and regular exercise (Qigong).

Price: 420 Euro (own tent) - 475 Euro (Dechen Chöling tent) Please be aware that for this retreat there is tent option only (no dorm or double rooms). It's camping time!

  • There will also be the possibility to stay for Family Camp as staff, July 19th to August 10th  (special price 330 euros, based on an own-tent basis; surcharge for a Dechen Chöling-tent is €5 per day!)


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