Program Details

Yoga & Meditation Retreat

with Detlev Alexander & Angelika Brockstedt
October 12 / 5:00 AM - October 19 / 6:00 AM




This Yoga and Meditation week will be time for relaxation and self-reflection, providing a break from the stress of our busy lives and enriching body & mind. The retreat is ideal for advanced yoga practitioners as well as for relative beginners.  No meditation experience is necessary.

In this retreat we experience yoga and meditation as direct expression of our inherent wakefulness. We begin where we are and with what we have. With appreciation we explore just being in the body, mind and heart. With mindfulness we discover the fullness of being human and alive. Meditation and yoga practice help us to cultivate a basic attitude of appreciation for what really is.

Our foundation are the body, feelings, the mind and sense perceptions: We explore with mindfulness what happens in our body and what it can teach us. We appreciate our emotional aliveness and look at our feelings without fear. We experience our mind just as it is – calm or moving. The activities of our mind become the fuel, our friend of our mindfulness practice. We connect with our senses as an open gate to a vast and rich world; we open those gates of perception and let the world into our heart.

The daily schedule includes yoga classes and meditation sessions. We start in the morning with a powerful and invigorating Vinyasa Yoga class, followed by a relaxing Yin-Yoga class in the afternoon.  We will offer guided meditation (shamata/vipashyana) and mindfulness exercises in the beautiful surrounding of Dechen Chöling.

Yoga style:

OM yoga is Vinyasa-Yoga. Flowing Asanas with the focus on precise postures combined with the wakefulness of mindfulness practice help us to connect with our true nature and the world around us. We gain stability, clarity and curiosity.

Yin-Yoga: we practice mostly sitting and lying postures for a longer period of time without muscle tension. Yin-Yoga offers the opportunity to really connect with the body, to acknowledge tightness and to relax. The effects on body and mind are fundamental. By abiding in the postures we stretch the muscles and ligaments as well as the deeper laying connective tissues. We open the joints and bring harmony to the flow of energy in our body. Letting go with the body, connecting with the breath will also bring peace to the mind.

About Detlev Alexander

This programme is taught in English. Translation into French, German, Spanish and other languages is possible without additional costs. In case you require translation please register as early as possible to allow us to organize an interpreter. Thank you.

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