Program Details

Rites of Passage 2014: Adventure, Experience, Connection

March 1 / 5:00 AM - May 31 / 6:00 PM

Rites of Passage 2014 for 8 –12 year olds: Adventure • Experience • Connection

Rites of Passage is open to all children from any tradition; there are no requirements other than being 8 -12 years old. This program recognizes that children of this age are going through a developmental stage in which they are becoming more self-aware and confident. They are becoming more independent human beings, and Shambhala celebrates this natural part of growing up. In this age of endless gadgets, distractions and speed, these classes give children an opportunity to slow down and feel their own basic goodness through learning new skills and making new friendships. Each class gives children mindful practices that they can connect with now and practice into the future. These practices cultivate the qualities of compassion, confidence, generosity and intelligence for a more balanced life experience that reveals a natural kindness toward oneself and others. Throughout Rites of Passage, the children are invited to experience basic goodness. 

2014 Rites of Passage Includes:

February / March 2014
1. An Introduction to the Program, Initial Meditation Instruction for Children, Q&A for Parents

Date/Time: February 9th Davis, February 23rd Silicon Valley, 
March 1st for the San Francisco,
March 23rd Sonoma (90 minutes)
Location: Davis, Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Sonoma Shambhala Centers

April 2014
2. Calligraphy, Poetry & Meditation for your child

Nyinthun offered for parents, a day of meditation practice with a talk on mindful parenting as path by Shastri Charlene Leung and Mr. Robert Pressnall 
Date/Time: Saturday April 5th (10am to 5pm)
Location: Berkeley Shambhala Center

May 2014
3. Camping Trip – Ikebana (flower arranging),  Kyudo (contemplative archery) & Meditation
Date/Time: May 16th, 17th & 18th (Friday arrival 2pm-6pm, through Sunday 2pm)
Location: Spirit Springs Ranch Mendocino
Please note: Additional meal costs $60 per adult, $30 for additional children, includes food and preparation for Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, & dinner, and Sunday breakfast & lunch
*Those with special dietary needs may opt out and bring their own food, and please join in group mealtimes 

4. Shambhala Rites of Passsage Ceremony & Celebration with Preceptors Shastri Charlene Leung and Mr. Robert Pressnall Date/Time: May 31st 2pm to 6pm (ceremony to begin at 4pm)
Location: Sharchen Dzong - San Francisco Shambhala Center 

“A first step into the warrior’s world, the Rites of Passage ceremony is a community 
celebration in which the participants recognize their ability to assume some responsibility 
in their life and proclaim this in front of their community of family and friends...”
                    – Richard Vogler, 33, participated in ROP at age 8

Patron at $450 - includes the cost for one child and contributes to the scholarship fund
Regular at $325 - includes the cost for one child
Basic at $200 - for whom paying the full regular price is a hardship
Scholarships are available, please contact Susie Cook for more information at:
Rites of Passage program fees include materials for all classes, meals & snacks for all participants, 
camping costs for everyone, ceremonial items, and teacher’s gifts for all participant classes.


Cancellation Policy:
If you cancel your reservation more than 14 days prior to the program, you will receive a full refund less a $15 processing fee. If you cancel between 2 to 14 days prior to the program you will recieve a 50% refund. No refunds or credits are issued for cancellations received fewer than 48-hours prior to the scheduled program.

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