Program Details


with Emily Bower & Loretta Geuenich
January 11 / 9:00 AM - January 18 / 6:00 PM

This Weekthun is an 8 day meditation retreat for new and experienced meditators interested in deepening their mindfulness-awareness. It will be a wonderful opportunity to take time out in January before the business of the year really kicks in. The Weekthun is best done in it's entirety but if this is not possible, another great option is to participate for a couple of days. However, this is only available the first weekend or in the early part of the week.

This year will be a very special Weekthun as we will be following the full Shambhala Weekthun format which provides the opportunity to immerse oneself  in the retreat experience but also fulfills the requirements of other Shambhala programs that have a Weekthun as a pre requisite.

The Weekthun will be led by Acharya Emily Bower and local teacher Loretta Geuenich. Acharya Emily Bower will be joining us 'live' from Los Angeles to give talks throughout the retreat as well as providing additional guidance.

Each day of the full Weekthun program will commence at 9:00am with morning chants and conclude at 8:30pm. However, the evening session from 6:00pm - 8:30 pm is optional. The evening session will include a catered, light meal followed by a recorded talk by the Saykong or Pema Chodren,or a contemplation practice and discussion. For those people wanting to have a shorter day of formal practice, the afternoon session will conclude at 5:30pm. However, it is encouraged to maintain the discipline of retreat at home.

The daily format of the Weekthun includes morning and evening chants (optional) sitting/ walking meditation, discussion groups and opportunities discuss personal meditation practice. There will also be a full day of silence during the week.

Venue: The beautiful setting of Sophia, 225 Cross Rd., Cumberland Park 

Cost : Full week registration $300.00  / Concession $240.00
           Daily rate $50.00 /Concession $40.00
           Evening meal contribution for the week $40.00 - applicable only to those attending the full program
* If there a financial constraints in attending the program please contact us to discuss.

Catering: Tea / coffee and afternoon tea provided each day for all participants
                Bring own lunch each day

Light evening meal provided for those who have advised they will be doing the full program. For catering purposes,please indicate in your registration if participating in the evening program.

Cost : Full week registration $300.00  / $240 Concession
          Daily rate $50.00 / $40.00 Concession

Please do not hesitate to talk with us if there are financial constraints

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