Program Details

June 12 - A Normal Day?

with Jerry de Groot
June 12 / 7:00 PM - June 12 / 8:30 PM

Please join the 20/30 something group as they host the Thursday Evening Open House. The evening will begin at 7pm with sitting and meditation instruction.


For most people, Thursday June 12 is a normal day, like most days in the year. Sometimes we can get the feeling that this normalness becomes boring, so we might (sub-consciously) look for entertainment or holidays. On the other hand, when we just came out of a tough period in our lives, we can be relieved that things are back to normal again.


In meditation practice, we take the time to explore how our mind is used to dealing with the continuous change of our experiences. We start to realise that this enormous richness of emotions and thoughts is, in fact, completely normal. 


During this open house, after meditation and a short introduction, we will do a creative exploration of normalness.


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