Program Details

Introduction to Meditation

with Adam Sultan
September 15 / 7:00 PM - September 15 / 8:00 PM

Meditation, Warriorship, and Society

Join us for an introduction to the Shambhala Meditation Center and guided meditation instruction.

Included with be a talk on meditation and the path of human bravery and gentleness, defined as warriorship. Through this simple but profound practice, we have the ability to uncover our inherent strength and goodness and uplift our life and society at large. The talk and instruction will be followed by a discussion and informal reception.

"In mindfulness, or shamatha, meditation, we are trying to achieve a mind that is stable and calm. What we begin to discover is that this calmness or harmony is a natural aspect of the mind. Through mindfulness practice we are just developing and strengthening it, and eventually we are able to remain peacefully in our mind without struggling. Our mind naturally feels content."
- Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

“If we are willing to take an unbiased look, we will find that, in spite of all our problems and confusion, all our emotional and psychological ups and downs, there is something basically good about our existence as human beings. Unless we can discover that ground of goodness in our own lives, we cannot hope to improve the lives of others.”
- Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Pre-registration and comfortable clothing is suggested.

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