Program Details

Monday Morning Meditation, 7-8:15am & 9-10am

December 22 / 7:00 AM - December 22 / 10:00 AM

Daily Meditation

Every Monday- Friday: 7-8:15am and 9-10am

Give yourself a gift of space at the start of the day. Come to the Centre for an hour of sitting practice of shamatha meditation. No charge.

Participants are welcome to stay at 8am for the recitation of the regular Halifax opening chants, which lasts 10 to 15 minutes. The chants are also done at 9am on Mondays.

Weekly Halifax Shambhala Centre full opening and closing chants.

Chanting is a proclamation of the dharma. This proclamation touches and informs us as we deepen our practice of meditation. The standard Shambhala Buddhist chants used throughout the whole mandala, together with the chants specifically held by the Halifax Shambhala Centre in its role as a "fortress of dharma" cover the entire expanse of the teachings, and are a profound teaching and practice in and of themselves.
In an ideal practice situation, as in a dathun, every day is cradled by the morning and evening chants. While it would be challenging to find enough volunteers to offer them here daily, starting this September every week will be opened with the Morning Chants, on Monday at 9 AM, and closed with the Evening Chants, on Friday at 5:30 PM. Liturgies available on site. Interested experienced umdzes can contact Mr Villemure at

The morning chants provide the first spark of connection to the lineage, the teachings and our discipline. They wake us up from our morning fog!

The Halifax Morning Chants are:
Proclamation of Goodness
Supplication to the Shambhala Lineage
Great Clouds of Blessings
The Sutra of the Heart of Transcendent Knowledge

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