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Movie Night: Wings of Desire

March 21 / 7:30 PM - March 21 / 9:00 PM

Join us for a screening of Wings of Desire (1988/ 127 min), Wim Wenders’ remarkable modern fairy tale about the nature of being alive. The film tells the story of Damiel and Cassiel, angels who watch over the city of Berlin. They don’t have harps or wings well, they usually don’t have wings and they prefer overcoats to gossamer gowns. But they can travel unseen through the city, listening to people’s thoughts, watching their actions and studying their lives. While they can make their presence felt in small ways, only children and other angels can see them. They spend their days serenely observing, unable to interact with people, and they feel neither pain nor joy.

One day, Damiel finds his way into a circus and sees Marion Solveig Dommartin, a high-wire artist, practicing her act; he is immediately smitten. After the owners of the circus tell the company that the show is out of money and must disband, Marion sinks into a funk, shuffling back to her trailer to ponder what to do next. As he watches her, Damiel makes a decision: he wants to be human, and he wants to be with Marion, to lift her spirits and, if need be, to share her pain.

Date: Friday, March 21st
Time: 7pm
Admission: Free

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