Program Details

Winter Solstice/Children’s Day Celebration

December 21 / 5:00 PM - December 21 / 8:00 PM

Celebrate, meditate, share food, song and activities for all ages. We will fill the center with candles and lights, bringing back the glow that nourishes us during this dark season.

Please join us for an evening of gathering in and shining out as we celebrate together the richness of the season, the community, our families and especially our children.

The Solstice Celebration will include a number of traditional activities of Children’s Day, which is a time of learning about and practicing generosity. While children often receive gifts at home as part of the celebrations, it's also a great time to encourage them to think about what they can give to others. It is traditional for kids to bring a toy to place on the shrine as a gift to be donated to a less fortunate child.

This year, these toys will be gifted to children of our wonderful non-profit neighbor, The Kid Street School. As adults, we will also have an opportunity to express our generosity. The Kid Street teachers have shared with us their classroom ‘wish list’. If you feel so inspired, pick an item or two from the list to offer. We will then gather them into boxes with bows to present to the teachers.

We also aspire to fill our Redwood Empire food barrel, so bringing a donation of a non-perishable food item is another excellent option.

So, please bring your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and the rest of your family!  Delicious savory refreshments, special holiday beverages and cupcakes will be offered as part of the evening’s festivities.

This joyous celebration is for the ENTIRE community, not just those with children and grandchildren.  Everyone is encouraged to join in!


Celebration Schedule

5:00 pm There will be a simple craft activity offered for children who wish to participate

5:30 pm   A few moments of practicing stillness, and then the children lead us in decorating the shrine and offering our gifts, followed by candlelight, singing, eating, drinking and playing!

Families with children, please feel free to bring

  1. A wrapped gift to donate to a child

  2. A special item or two selected by your child to be placed on the shrine . This could be something that represents the animal, plant or mineral kingdom such as a precious stone or animal figurine. (This item will be returned to your child at the end of the celebration


For any questions, please contact Celia Brunette:

 List of items that Kid Street teachers would like to have in their classrooms


  1. Musical Instruments

  2. Magna-Tiles

  3. Legos

1st & 2nd Grade

  1. Tag Reader with books

  2. CDs of Music from around the world

3rd & 4th Grade

  1. Tempra Paint

  2. Kid Friendly non-fiction Books or Biographies on Famous People

5th & 6th Grade

  1. DK Publishing biography Books

  2. Air Dry Clay

  3. Paint / Canvases

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