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Shambhala Meditation Workshop

with Benoît Côté
January 5 / 9:30 AM - March 23 / 12:30 PM

With Shastri Benoît Côté 


Workshop on January 5th: Shambhala Meditation and the experience of Basic Goodness.

9:30am to 12:30pm


We will explore how each component of the meditation practice (feeling, being, touching) is linked to the experience of basic goodness, and how ultimately Shambhala Meditation makes a practice of basic goodness out of shamatha/vipashyana.


Prerequisite: to have been introduced to Shambhala meditation. If you have not received the transmission for Shambhala Meditation, contact Élise de Coster. There is a simple way to receive it.


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Workshop March 23: Détails to come

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