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In-Town Summer Retreat: To be Queen or King of One's Life according to the 6 Ways of Ruling

with Francesca Dalio
August 10 / 9:00 AM - August 16 / 5:00 PM

The Summer Retreat will happen  August 10-16

Based on the book Ruling Your World, written by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, the retreat will cover ancient wisdom teachings of Shambhala rulership on how to master our world and live with confidence in our modern times. To do this, we need to use our daily life to be strong, as opposed to aggressive, and to act with wisdom and compassion.

We will use the book as a reference. It is not necessary to buy the book in order to attend the retreat but it will be on sale for people who would like to buy it.


A retreat is a period of intensive practice in meditation, contemplation and delightful silence in the heart of the city. Each day consists of instructions on the practices of mindfulness of breath and body, sitting and walking meditation, as well as contemplation practices, and ends with a talk followed by discussion in the afternoon. People can attend part or the totality of the retreat. To benefit from the retreat it is strongly recommended to attend full mornings or afternoons. 

Meditation instruction is offered during the retreat.

Participants can bring their lunch and eat at the centre or go outside. The meals are in silence. Tea and cookies are offered every afternoon.

There is a reception at the end of the last day of retreat. Everyone is invited.

The cost : $30/day. $15 /half a-day

Special price for the whole retreat : $140




Coordination: Yves Pepin ( 


On weekends, the door at street level is locked.  You must enter 203 on the keyboard located to the right of the door, and someone will let you in. Once in, please make sure to close the door behind you.



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