Program Details

One-Day Retreat Being Brave

with Francesca Dalio
May 3 / 9:00 AM - May 3 / 5:00 PM

During this one-day retreat, we will listen to two talks ( in english) recorded and video-taped during the retreat Being Brave : Transforming Our Worldled by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and Acharya Pema Chödron in Halifax in 2011.

Teacher: Francesca Dalio

The schedule for the retreat

9 :00-9h15am :      Welcoming, registration and coffee

9h15 am:              Opening the shrine and morning chants

9h30-10h30am :   Meditation

10h30-11h30 am: Talk : A Culture of Basic Goodness ( Sakyong)

11h30-12h30 pm: Exchanges, discussion and meditation




1h30-2h15pm :      Meditation

2h15-3h20pm :      Talk : The Bravery of Openness  (Pema Chödrön)

3h30-4h15pm :      Exchanges, discussion and meditation

4h15-4h30pm :      Closing the shrine and chants

4h30-5pm:            Tea is served !


Information and registration: Céline Edelmann

On weekends, the street-facing front door is locked. You have to punch 203 on the keypad near the door and wait until someone answers you. Once in, please make sure to close the door behind you.

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