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Kado: The Way of the Flower - Hosted by Creativity Lab (Westside)

with Guy Blume
August 9 / 11:00 AM - August 9 / 2:00 PM

Suggested Donation: $15.  *

Kado or ikebana is a practice rich with meaning and an appreciation for the natural world. Even the name ikebana reflects the Japanese empathy with the life and death of flowers. The word ikebana is derived from the word ikeru meaning to keep alive and hana the word for flower.

The way of the flower is a tradition that goes back thousands of years in Japan and China but in recent times has evolved into more of a decorative art. The Shambhala view is to return kado to a meditative practice of subject and object. Flower arrangements become a reflection of the mind of their creator. The room in which ikebana is done becomes the kado-jo, or practice hall of the way of the flower. The journey of creating the flower arrangement is as important as the final result. The ultimate outcome is an ikebana that mirrors a harmonious and balanced world. 

Guy Blume will lead the August Creativity Lab by teaching Kado, The Way of the Flower. In the three hour session participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of ikebana  and will work with the flower material to create their own formal arrangement based on the principals of heaven, earth and man. They will also participate in a free form exercise in the way of the flower.

Pre-registration is encouraged in order to have enough plant material on hand. The cost for materials is $15.  Participants should bring any type of flower cutter they may have at home.  All other materials will be provided on loan. You will be able to take your flowers home.

Guy Blume has been a Buddhist practitioner for 20 years. He is a meditation instructor at the Shambhala Meditation Center Los Angeles and a Kado practitioner. In his other life he is an interior designer.

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