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Lineage of Gentleness

with Doria Cross
January 11 / 10:00 AM - January 11 / 12:00 PM

Often when we think of gentleness, the adjectives that come to mind are: sweet, soft, cuddly, warm, etc.. Unfortunately we also couple those things with the wrong view of: weak, fearful and being taken advantage of.  

Come learn and explore the power of Gentleness.  It has absolutely nothing to do with weakness instead it is about wisdom, that which we cannot see, slowing down, and power.  

The teachings talk about "Gentleness being the best whip" .  What can that possibly mean?  

All of us, men and women, are blessed with both Mother and Father Lineages; Gentleness and Fearlessness, inseparable.  This is sacred outlook.

As Alice Haspray says" A great deal of human suffering can be related to sacred outlook, to the intangible aspects of our world that have nurtured us in the past.and we have forgotten or deemed unimportant"  

This talk is about exploring those intangibles and learning to accept the invitation and gift of the mother lineage: gentleness.

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