Program Details

Fearlessness in Everyday Life

with Marion Buckley
March 5 / 7:00 PM - April 2 / 9:00 PM

Learning to work with our anxiety, we are not blocked by fear. Through an exploration of the Buddhist teachings of mind and the nature of reality, we learn to see clearly. We dare to face life and death as they are. The meditator, open to uncertainty, goes beyond the emotions of hope and fear to experience equanimity.

Prerequisite: Joy in Everyday Life

Generosity Policy applies:  The Birmingham Shambhala Center does not wish restricted finances ever to interfere with one’s ability to receive the teachings.  If you need to arrange a payment plan or negotiate a reduced tuition, please make arrangements prior to the program by contacting Christine Dietsch at or 205-239-9648.

For those who can offer more than the program price, we have a “patron price”. Your generosity in offering the patron price helps cover the costs for others who are not able to pay the full price.    

Readings to Download

Week 1
1CTR - Fear-Fearlessness.pdf

Week 2
2CTR - HOB.pdf
2SMR - RYW - Garuda.pdf
2SMR- TMA.pdf

Week 3
3CTR - MOF.pdf
3CTR - PIG - Boredom.pdf

Week 4
4CTR - CTSM.pdf
4Heart Sutra.pdf
4Pema - PTSY.pdf
4SMR - TMA.pdf

Week 5
5CTR - SAF.pdf

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