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Sitting There and Doing Nothing: Is This Any Way To Help The World? [Eagle Rock]

with Allyn Lyon
December 5 / 7:30 PM - December 5 / 9:30 PM

Pick up any newspaper these days and one is greeted with stories of political unrest, economic and social injustice, environmental degradation.  Sometimes, the chaos and turmoil can seem so overwhelming that even though we want to help, we don’t have the time, energy, or will to do so. Our lives today seem busier than ever and we are doing all we can just to keep it all together. Other times we try to help, but find that our actions can occasionally do more harm than good.  In our desire to be of help, how do we know what to do and when to act? 


According to the Shambhala teachings, meditation, which reveals the mind to be naturally calm and clear, can help us cultivate the discernment and wisdom necessary to know what to do and when to do it. Join Acharya Allyn Lyon as we explore how sitting and doing nothing can actually be the beginnings of creating a more enlightened society.   


Acharya Allyn Lyon is a senior teacher appointed by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, and acts as his personal representative in teaching Shambhala and Buddhism. She has served as the Director of Shambhala Mountain Center and has taught at the Vajradhatu Seminary. Acharya Lyon has traveled and taught extensively in Europe, the US, and Mexico, as well as at Naropa University. She is a senior teacher of Maitri Space Awareness program. Acharya Lyon has a special affinity with Los Angeles, where she serves as our Resident Acharya.
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