Program Details

Learn to Meditate

with Mimi Valiulis
December 7 / 10:00 AM - December 7 / 4:00 PM

Join us for a one day program providing an introduction to meditation and mindfulness practice.

Each meditation session is a journey of discovery to understand the basic truth of who we are. In the beginning the most important lesson of meditation is seeing the speed of the mind. But the meditation tradition says that the mind doesn’t have to be this way; it just hasn’t been worked with. What we are talking about is very practical. Mindfulness practice is simple and completely feasible. And because we are working with the mind that experiences life directly, just by sitting and doing nothing, we are doing a tremendous amount.”

- Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

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Generosity policy applies - if you have difficulty paying the price please mention in the registration form

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