Program Details

Yoga, Meditation & Writing Retreat

with Jasmijn Koelink & Dana Marshall & Geertje Couwenbergh
June 8 / 5:00 AM - June 15 / 6:00 AM





Join Jasmijn Koelink, Dana Marshall and Geertje Couwenbergh for a week full of movement and stillness, energy and silence, with the return the highly popular Yoga, Meditation and Writing retreat. When combined, these three disciplines complement and strengthen each other in a way that can truly help us wake up to our life.

Throughout the week, regular sitting meditation will be scheduled with full instruction and short talks to support you in your practice. Meditation is an art that can calm and focus the mind, thus playing a supportive role in the writing process. Learn how to let go of your thoughts, make room in your mind for inspiration and rediscover writing as a tool to get closer to your authentic 'self'. Short accessible writing exercises will be taught to kick start your imagination, while individual writing and supportive group work will support you on your journey to self-expression.

To alternate with meditation and writing, each day will also include a dynamic early morning vinyasa yoga session. Fast-paced and re-energizing, this discipline is ideal to release any blockage of energy flow throughout your body. Afternoons will follow with a restorative yin yoga session that will help us relax and slow down the mind. Experience how the gentle and sustained postures penetrate deep into your muscles to allow your natural energy to flow and flourish.

While parts of this retreat will be held in silence, there will also be plenty of time for exchange and ample opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Dechen Choling. With its acres of green woodland and rolling meadows, it offers the perfect environment to relax and rejuvenate. 

Wake up to birdsong and take in the magnificent panoramic views. Soak up the stillness and spaciousness of the grounds. Enjoy the first warm sunny days with long walks or a swim in the river. Indulge in delicious healthy organic meals prepared daily at the centre. Treat yourself to a fun and light-hearted early summer retreat that will leave you invigorated, relaxed, inspired.




Beginners to both yoga and meditation are welcome. No special writing experience or skills required. Just bring comfortable clothes, your mind, your body and some fast writing pens and ordinary notebooks.



Find out more about Jasmijn, Dana and Geertje in our Teacher section.



This retreat is taught in English. Translation into other languages are available at no extra costs. Please give us notice of your request as early as possible - about 2 months in advance -, so that we can provide translation services. In case you register short-term please get in touch with us in case you need translation into your language.


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