Program Details

Dharma Art and the Five-Wisdoms Energies

with Herb Elsky & Catherine Eveillard
April 27 / 5:00 AM - May 4 / 6:00 AM



First Thought Best Thought

According to Buddhist cosmology, we and the world are a spectrum of colorful wisdom energies. During this week, participants will experience each of the five wisdom-energies, as taught by Chögyam Trungpa, in the so called "Maitri Space Awareness" exercises with the creative process of Shambhala Art, called “First thought- Best thought” which develops genuineness of expression and spontaneity.

Each of the energies  are linked with a particular emotion. You will learn ways to transmute this energy into potential wisdom, to view challenges as opportunities to transform and to free the energies too often locked in our bodies. To do this, we will practice with an attitude of fundamental acceptance of whatever arises.  This way allows us to make friends with ourselves and our world.

Experiencing and understanding these energies enriches our ability to connect with ourselves and others in a direct and vivid way and in so doing, deepen our creative potential. That is why this Maitri program is associated with the Shambhala Art teachings about discovery and play, and the universal nature of creativity and communication. Through a series of individual and group exercises you will be taught  what it means to see things as they are and how to uncover the source of inspiration.

Movement, writing, calligraphy and voice work will form the core offerings. These teachings help us to discover the richness of our perceptions, our experience and the possibilities for expression.


Basic materials will be provided for the calligraphy exercises and we invite you to bring musical instruments or any other articles of creative expression of your choice. To maximise the benefits of the programme we also ask you to bring sets of clothes in each of the following colours corresponding to each energy type: blue, yellow, red, green and white.

Please note that there will be additional material costs – approximately 20 euros.


This programme starts on Sunday April 27 at 20:00 and ends on Saturday in the evening. You can choose to leave anytime next day, on Sunday May 4.

Pre- requisite

No pre-requisite. This programme is open to anybody who would like to take time for themselves and to explore their relationships with the world. Great for artists of any kind.


Taught in French and in English - translation will be provided in both languages.




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