Program Details

Rigden Abhisheka

with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
August 24 / 5:00 AM - August 30 / 6:00 AM




The Rigden Abhisheka enters qualified students into the highest level of the Shambhala teachings expressed in the Druk Sakyong’s terma, The Scorpion Seal of the Golden Sun, from which The Roar of the Werma and the Scorpion Seal retreat are drawn. The Primordial Rigden ngöndro is the ngöndro for receiving the Rigden abhisheka.
This abhisheka puts the focus for realizing enlightened society squarely in the center of our Shambhala Buddhist practices.

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The program fee includes an honorarium for the Sakyong and for the teaching faculty.  You will have an opportunity to make a lineage offering called a tangra, at the end of the program.  You will also have an opportunity to make a gift to the lead acharyas at the end of the program.



To attend this programme you must have completed the Sacred World Assembly (formerly called Vajrayana Seminary) and Primordial Rigden Ngöndro or Kagyü Ngöndro. You must have also received the stroke and lungta transmissions.

For tantrikas who completed Kagyü Ngöndro and received the Werma Sadhana at Kalapa Assembly, four days of Primordial Rigden Ngöndro are required (one day for each of the practices).



This programme starts on Sunday August 24 at 20:00 and ends on Friday evening. You can choose to leave anytime next day, on Saturday August 30.



This retreat is taught in English. Translation other languages is available at no extra costs. Please give us notice of your request as early as possible - about 2 months in advance - so that we can provide translation service. In case you register short-term please get in touch with us in case you need translation into your language.


JUNE UPDATE: Tents, dorms and rooms at Dechen Chöling are booked out. Please bring your own tent or choose an accommodation in a guest house nearby. Please note this during the registration process and our office will find a solution for you. Thank you!

In order to accommodate as many people as possible, participants who do not wish to stay in a tent (Dechen Chöling tent or personal tent) can chose to stay in a guest house located only a 13 min drive away from Dechen Chöling. The price of accomodation in a dorm or a double room in a guest home will stay the same as if in the center. Payment will be processed at the office.

Please note that a car will be necessary to travel to the guest house. If you have a car, please let us know if you would be willing to carpool with other participants and how many additional people would be able to travel with you. For arrival and departure days, we will provide a shuttle service to transport luggage.

If you wish to take care of your own accommodation, click here or find below two more suggestions:

Available in English and French: Gites de France Limousin

Available in French: Vacances Haute Vienne

Material Fee

Please note that there will be an additional material fee - approximately 250 euros


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