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Bodhi School 2014

February 2 / 10:15 AM - June 1 / 12:00 PM

Our goal is to educate and enrich our children’s lives and for those who need financial assistance please contact the coordinator.

Bodhi School provides children and young teenagers with education in the tradition of Shambhala Buddhism as well as providing youth with an opportunity to experience one of the Three Jewels – sangha.

Together, we explore meditative principles as a way to work with the heart and mind. We work with the idea of basic goodness as a way to instill confidence, bravery and kindness, and discover how the principles of compassion and loving-kindness can be vehicles for working with oneself and others in the world. 

We also discover how to be mindful and cultivate awareness of the moment.  Children naturally connect with this type of awareness.  One Bodhi School student, when asked in class what his best, most favorite day was, replied “Now, right now, is my best day.” (Noah, age 7)

Bodhi School welcomes youth from the Shambhala community and the general public.  We have three groups: Tigers (ages 1-4), Garudas (grades 1-5) and Dragons (grades 6 - 12). 

Tigers group is a playgroup for the under-Kindergarten crowd. A parent is required in the room at all times. This is an opportunity for the tots to feel the uplifted environment of the Center and the parents to socialize and relax together.  Tigers and their parent(s) are also welcome to join with the Garudas in the Main Shrine Room.

Garudas explore the world through their senses, developing trust in their own experience. Through nature, music, art, movement, and interacting with each other, children discover their own relationship with the world.

Dragons are ready to step out in life and make many of their own decisions. These young people are ready to begin short periods of meditation and mindfulness practices, along with a rich variety of age appropriate activities. Life these days offers so many distractions, so many choices.  It is important to develop innate insight to know what to accept and what to reject.

Parenting as Path

For parents, the Philadelphia Shambhala Center will offer Parenting as Path, companion course to Bodhi School that helps parents integrate mindfulness into their lives. Each meeting will integrate socializing, meditation, a talk and group discussion. The theme of each class will follow the Bodhi School's Paramita curriculum to allow parents to connect further with what their children will learn in Bodhi School.

The Bodhi School Tigers, Garudas, and Parenting as Path meet on the first Sunday of every month from January through June from 10:15 am - 12:00 noon (except in March we will meet Sunday the 9th).
First time guests are asked to come at 10:00 am for pre-registration.

The Dragon group is in development and will be meeting at times over the course of the spring months in order to better serve the interests of people this age.

For questrion, please contact: Kris Stinson:

Please register online to help with planning.  $70 per Child / $95 per Family.   Payment is due on the first class.  Payments may be made online for a single child and onsite for families.  



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