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Basic Goodness, Protection, and the Military - Dorje Kasung

with Andrew Sacamano
November 9 / 5:00 AM - November 9 / 5:00 AM

Basic Goodness, Protection, and the Military - The Dorje Kasung in Shambhala 

"The Shambhala Teachings provide both an individual and a social path towards enlightenment, pointing out that Basic Goodness is the nature both of human beings and of human society.  Combining that view with meditation practices is powerfully transformative.  One of the most striking examples of this is the Dorje Kasung, Shambhala's pillar of protection.  The view of Basic Goodness and the practices of meditation allow the Dorje Kasung to transform military forms from tools of aggression into tools of gentle precision and perky wakefulness.   This talk will discuss that process in more detail, as well as how Dorje Kasungship fits into Shambhala Society.

Many Australian and some newer New Zealand students may not realise that Shambhala has a military. The Administration arm can be likened to our government, the Teaching arm to our "church" whilst the Dorje Kasung -has a protector role - the "military". The genius of our founder, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche was such that he took something as potentially aggressive as a military concept and turned it on its head to emphasise mercy and gentleness. 

Andrew Sacamano Rupon is the Dorje Kasung Education Officer, Shastri for the Dorje Kasung and one of three shastris for Boulder, Colorado. He has been a member of the Dorje Kasung since 1987, and has served in command positions in various capacities, including several years as chair of the Sun Camp Leadership Group.

This talk will be live from an "Essential Heart of Kasung" weekend in Bellingham, Washington and Australia and New Zealand have been offered an exclusive invitation to join in via the Shambhala Online medium. Ask at your local centre if there will be a gathering there. If not, you will still be able to attend by registering here - a link will be sent to you which will enable you to connect directly from home, all you need is a computer and a reasonable broadband connection.

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