Program Details

Half-Dathün (Dathün: Weeks 1-2)

with Cara Thornley
April 10 / 12:00 AM - April 24 / 12:00 AM

This program is a two-week group meditation retreat, and is one of the most important training programs in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. The program is open to anyone and is a very powerful introduction to and deepening of mindfulness-awareness meditation. The core daily practice of a dathün consists of alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation with time for talks, study, and a short work period.

Silence and functional speech are observed. Meals are served oryoki-style, from the Zen monastic tradition. Each participant will regularly receive individual meditation instruction.

This program fulfills half of the Dathün practice requirement for the Shambhala Buddhist path.

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