Program Details

Thursdays: Living with an Awakened Heart

with Johann Verster
October 17 / 6:00 PM - November 28 / 8:00 PM

Under the title of Living with an Awakened Heart, this series of Thursday evenings at Erin Hall explores the four "brahmaviharas", "immeasurables" or limitless qualities: compassion, loving kindness, sympathetic joy and equanimity.

About Thursday Evenings

Our open meditation group meets on Thursdays from 6 pm till 8 pm at Erin Hall, Erin Road, Rondebosch. Everyone is welcome. A voluntary donation of R30 is requested for attendance. Meditation instruction is also available for anyone who would like it -- just arrive at about 5:45 instead.

The typical format is half an hour of meditation, followed by a teaching, a discussion in large or small groups, and then tea and biscuits.

Details of this Series

17 October: Johann Verster explores the question, What does it mean to be awake?

24 October: Patrick Madden uses the 16 Guidelines in a guided exploration of the four immeasurables.

31 October: Johann Verster explores how meditation relates to developing an awakened heart.

7 November: Johann Verster talks about taking open-heartedness into the practice of daily life.

14 November: Johann Verster teaches on three meditation practices for cultivating an awakened heart.

21 November: Michelle Audouin teaches contemplations for exploring the questions that arise when we cultivate an awakened heart

28 November: Pru Ramsey introduces Kalapa Household Practice, which guides us in bringing an awakened heart into our families and households.

For more information

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