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Sacred Activism: A Public Talk with Acharya Marty Janowitz

with Martin Janowitz
November 5 / 7:00 PM - November 5 / 9:00 PM

We are delighted to host visiting teacher, Acharya Marty Janowitz, for a public talk on the concept of Sacred Activism. Please join us for this inspiring event.

Sacred Activism?

Activism is often fueled by disagreement and anger, even despair that easily breeds attitudes of us against them, winners and losers and absolute views of right and wrong – in other words struggle, separation and alienation – not that different than some of the extremes that challenge us personally. In this context we will explore ways we can we play constructive roles as activists, citizens and spiritually engaged practitioners.  Are there healthier reference points in the wisdom of nature and dharma that challenge the notion that spiritual practice takes place within an isolated religious framework that promotes only our own individual awakening?  Shambhala teachings are in their essence about taking active responsibility - contributing to healing, social transformation and harmony within an interdependent world. In such ‘engaged spirituality’ our personal and collective journeys turn out to go hand in hand.  This suggests the genuine essence of warriorship - sacred world in action towards the emergence of a truly sustainable and basically good world.


This program is open to all. $20 suggested donation. 

Generosity Policy: The Austin Shambhala Center does not wish restricted finances ever to interfere with one’s ability to receive the teachings – Please pay what you can. 

A partial list of Acharya Janowitz's Shambhala community and professional experience follows:

Marty became a student of the Druk Sakyong in 1970. He taught a wide array of programs; co-designed the first teacher training course; and was among a pilot group of Shambhala Training Directors. He traveled widely with the Druk Sakyong for many years ultimately being named Kusung Dapon – senior Kusung (Court Protector) also responsible for the personal guardian attendants of the Mukpo family, the Vajra Regent and family, and the Kalapa Court. Marty was a Member of Council of the Makkyi Rabjam, Board of Directors under both Sakyongs, and the the Druk Sakyong’s Privy Council (personal advisors). In 1997 Marty was appointed Warrior General of Shambhala by the Sakyong (1997-2010) – responsible for leadership of Council of Warriors, Warriors of Centres and Kalapa Lodges worldwide. He is a member of Shambhala’s Touching the Earth Working Group and developed Spirituality and Sustainability dharma programs.

Currently Marty is the Chair of the Nova Scotia Roundtable on Environment and Sustainable Prosperity; Chair of Authentic Leadership in Action (ALIA) Institute – formerly Shambhala Institute; and Vice President and Practice Leader Sustainable Development – Stantec Consulting – focusing on community sustainability, climate change adaptation, corporate social responsibility, sustainable infrastructure and strategic sustainability performance. He is a member of the Halifax Strategic Urban Partnership Core Leadership Group; Envision Nova Scotia Steering Committee; and Buddhist Climate Change Initiative.

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