Program Details

Shambhala Training Level IV - Awakened Heart

with Andrew Sacamano
January 17 / 7:00 PM - January 19 / 6:00 PM

Allowing our heart and intuition to open, we can communicate directly with the world.

Connecting with the world, and communicating with it more directly, permits us to experience our heart and the ways we respond to experience. Rather than using those responses as an occasion to re-generate habitual patterns, we can use them as reminders to wake up further. When we allow ourselves to meet the world in this way, without hope and fear, we find resources of steadiness and energy.

Shambhala Training is a path of meditation emphasizing the development of genuine confidence. Each workshop includes meditation training and practice, talks by the director, individual meetings with a meditation instructor, and group discussions.

Prerequisite: Shambhala Training Level III.

For Way of Shambhala participants, it is also recommended to have taken the course 'JOY in Everyday Life.'

STAFFING:  If you've completed Level IV, we invite you to volunteer to help staff this program! It also is recommended [but not required] to have taken the "Shambhala Path of Staffing" training. In Denver, this was held in May 2013 with Shastri Janet Solyntjes, but it has been offered at other Shambhala Centers, too. Please contact Laurie Lavine, co-director of Practice & Education for the WOS curriculum, at, or sign up via SMCD's Volunteer webpage here.

About Andrew Sacamano:
Andrew Sacamano is a Shastri - a senior teacher in the Shambhala lineage, and is one of three Shastris of Boulder. He has been teaching meditation for over 15 years. Andrew works as a software engineer at Google. He also works extensively with education in the Dorje Kasung - and is particularly interested in how compassion and connection to basic goodness can transform conflict. He was previously Shastri of Baltimore.

Generosity Policy: Please contemplate how much you can offer and give more or the suggested amount above based on your individual circumstances. The suggested program price reflects our costs to offer the program. Our generosity policy supports individuals who have special circumstances and need to "pay-what-you-can" due to financial hardship. To take advantage of our generosity policy, please contact us in advance of this Program at: Thank you!

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