Program Details

Silent Retreat

with Brian Hilliard
January 25 / 5:00 AM - February 1 / 6:00 AM





For both beginning and experienced meditation practitioners, this will be a week of silence interspersed by meditation instruction and talks on meditation in everyday life, group discussions and personal interviews. There will be the opportunity to practice meditation in movement through the special practice of Lujong (vigourous Tibetan yoga exercises), as well as shamatha yoga, aimless wandering and walking meditation. One-bowl meals will also be enjoyed in the meditation hall. This is a special opportunity to learn and deepen our practice of these skillful methods enabling us to gain confidence in the open, spacious and relaxed enjoyment of being fully human.


"If we are willing to take an unbiased look, we will find that, in spite of all of our problems and confusion, all our emotional and psychological ups and down, there is something basically good about our existence as human beings. Every human being has a basic nature of goodness, which is undiluted and unconfused. That goodness contains tremendous gentless and appreciation." Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

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