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Essential Heart of Kasungship I

with Chris Poor
July 28 / 7:00 PM - August 25 / 9:00 PM

This program serves as an introduction to this major stream of the Chogyam Trungpa's teaching on "Protector Principle", and may be taken by the curious without making any commitment. For members of the Dorje Kasung, it is the beginning of the formal Dorje Kasung training path. This class explores in detail what it means to be a Dorje Kasung, why they might exist, and the view of how they act. Special attention is given to study of the Dorje Kasung Handbook and the Eight Slogans of the Dorje Kasung. The program ends with an opportunity to make a one-year commitment to Dorje Kasung practice, but it is not required. For those choosing to make this commitment, all dues will be waived and basic materials will be provided free of charge.

Dorje Kasung is Tibetan for "indestructible protectors of the dharma." Protection in the Dorje Kasung occurs through cultivating an attitude of fundamental non-aggression and compassionate action that brings oneself and others back onto the path of awake. This protection has nothing to do with solidifying personal or collective territory, but rather extending sanity to others.

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If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Abbey Pleviak.

Chris Poor has been Rusung of the Portland Squad of the Dorje Kasung since 2012. He has been practicing Buddhism and meditation for almost 20 years. Chris has worked for 12 years as a mental health counselor, and he is involved in the Center's prison outreach program. It is his personal mission to bring compassion and the dharma to the most marginalized members of our society.

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