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Rigden Abhisheka

May 14 / 12:00 AM - May 14 / 12:00 AM

The Rigden Abhisheka enters qualified students into the highest level of the Shambhala teachings expressed in the Druk Sakyong’s terma, The Scorpion Seal of the Golden Sun, from which The Roar of the Werma and the Scorpion Seal retreat are drawn. The Primordial Rigden ngöndro is the ngöndro for receiving the Rigden abhisheka.

Receiving the Ridgen Abhisheka for the Werma Sadhana, allows us to more fully accomplish the practice and fulfill our aspirations for enlightened society. This abhisheka puts the focus for realizing enlightened society squarely in the center of our Shambhala Buddhist practices.

Prior to the summer of 2005, the Rigden Abhisheka had only been given once. Immediately after the Druk Sakyong received the Scorpion Seal text, he bestowed it upon the current Sakyong, and then had the Sakyong bestow it back upon him. The Sakyong warmly invites Shambhala Buddhist practitioners to attend the Rigden Abhisheka, which is very close to his heart and the heart of the Druk Sakyong.

For those who have attended a Kalapa Assembly and therefore have already recieved the werma text, you are invited to arrive by 6:30pm on May 16th and can depart at any time on May 19th. Please contact the front desk to register: Tel: (802) 633-2384 Email: Front Desk Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10:30am - 5pm (Closed during lunch: 12:30 - 1:30pm)

This program requires an application through Shambhala International.

If you would like to apply to staff this program, please do so at this link.

The materials fee for this program is approximately $400.

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