Program Details

Gathering Goodness: A Weekend Retreat

with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
November 8 / 7:00 PM - November 10 / 5:00 PM

What? A series of events, teachings, and celebrations with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and the Shambhala community of the New York region.


When and Where?  Nov 8th-10th, 2013 in New York City


Why? It’s challenging to support a genuine meditation practice in our speedy and aggressive world. It’s also difficult to support a genuine contemplative community in the midst of New York. We all need a way to re-inspire our practice, reconnect with community, and rejoice in our precious human lives.

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Rising to the Challenge: Teachings from the Shambhala Principle
A public talk and book signing with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

New York Society for Ethical Culture, 7:00 pm
2 West 64th Street (at Central Park West)

All of us in the New York region live in the challenges of a speedy and often aggressive world.  Many of us are overwhelmed by the daily challenges.  We do not have the time or energy to contemplate personal or social principles and we may feel helpless in terms of shifting the future. We struggle to survive instead of thrive. 

It takes bravery to open our hearts and develop a genuine spiritual practice in the midst of the challenge.  How can we discover a relationship with our self and our society that is based on appreciation for our human dignity?  Can feeling our own goodness help shift our own lives and the city in which we live?

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Gathering Goodness: A Retreat Day of Shambhala Meditation and Inspired Conversation 
With Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Acharya Adam Lobel, Shastri Ethan Nichtern and Marguerite Drescher

Manhattan Center, Grand Ballroom, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

311 West 34th Street (at Eighth Avenue)

Meditation practice is at the heart of gathering our innate goodness. It is our tool for living in the challenge and discovering our human bravery, dignity, and delight.  This day of experiential teaching is oriented towards an approach to meditation based on complete appreciation of our humanity—free from guilt and struggle.  By feeling our own hearts without fear, we can come together as community and celebrate what we can create with the ground of genuine meditation and goodness.

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Good Apple!
A party celebrating 40 years of Shambhala in New York City

Manhattan Center, Grand Ballroom, 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm

311 West 34th Street (at Eighth Avenue)

The Shambhala Meditation Center of New York has been a space to support meditation in the Big Apple for over 40 years, training and supporting tens of thousands of people in a fresh and authentic approach to spirituality, Tibetan Buddhism, and social vision.  From the outrageous teachings of our founder Chögyam Trunpga Rinpoche to the proclamations of the Shambhala principle by the Sakyong, Shambhala New York has thrived has a community of artists, families, activists, poets, business-people, and thinkers.  

Tonight is a night to celebrate all that we have accomplished, and honor the impact that the lineage, the Center and individual Shambhalians have had and continue to have in the Big Apple.


Resilient Leadership

Shambhala Meditation Center of New York, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
118 West 22nd Street, 6th Floor

A special members-only event open to those who have attended the Saturday program.

Housing Help

We would like as many members as possible from the Northeast Region to attend this event.  If you are a New York member and can offer a bed or couch during the weekend, please let us know by email.  If you are traveling to New York city and need accommodation, please let us by email and we will do our best to find member housing or share a hotel room.   For both emails, please send to

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