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No Longer Alone

with David Engelbrecht & Michele Caulkins
February 16 / 2:00 PM - February 16 / 3:30 PM

A social support group for people living with mental illness

“We have a firm commitment that in Shambhala Society access needs to be provided for seniors and people with disabilities to all activities, programs, practices, any teachings they would otherwise be able to receive, community events, etc. and this access needs to be as safe, workable, uplifted, and dignified as access is for anyone else.” –

We are a peer-run, social support group. (There are no psychologists, mental health professionals, or psychiatrists facilitating our meetings.)

For people who are living with mental illness, life can be isolating and often alienating. We can feel like there is nobody to share our feelings with. Nobody to listen to our stories. Nobody to discuss our struggles with. For many of the people in our group, mental illness can make them feel hopeless and disconnected. Alone, we might feel that we can not find the strength to move forward.

We have made a place where we can go to find support. A place where we can sharewhat we are feeling with people who listen mindfully, empathetically, and compassionately. A place where we can discuss our struggles with caring friends. Most important, we can practice listening to others.

It’s not just about receiving support. We now have an opportunity to support and care for other people. With our company, other people can feel supported as they travel on their path, with the difficulties and joys that come up. Our lives have a purpose greater than ourselves.

Mental Illness does not only affect those who are suffering from it, but it also affects families and friends. These folks can feel overwhelmed by a situation that makes them feel helpless and  hopeless. By coming to our meetings, they may feel inspired by how we support each other. They may find new strength in supporting their family members and friends who have mental illness.

We are a group of people who have experienced personal challenges who meet on the 3rd  Sunday of every month. We have all been affected by mental illness. Together, we find the strength we need to move forward. United, we can cope with our struggles.We are no longer alone.

Join us for support and friendship. Life will take on new meaning. During difficult times, we no longer try to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps — alone. Instead, we are now socially connected. We now have a network of friends to give us support during difficult times.

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