Program Details

Ikebana Practice

December 13 / 2:00 PM - December 13 / 5:00 PM

Our weekly 2-3 hour practice is in”functional silence.” During that time we clean up “old” arrangements and containers, prepare new materials (purchased and collected), a 10-20 minute sitting meditation, create”new” arrangements to be placed around the Center, clean up our working space (kitchen), walk around the Center together to look at and talk about each of the arrangements. The practice is finished with the Dedication of Merit (a very short chant that involves the transfer of what accumulates as a result (merit) of our good deeds during our practice). All are welcome. If you have questions contact Amy D. Aycrigg, the Ikebana Practice Coordinator.

Emoji  "There is blessedness in crying for beauty. There is blessedness in yearning
for beauty. There is blessedness in serving beauty. There is blessedness in
creating beauty." Kadensho by Teshigahara Sofu (page 70).

Emoji  Schedule for the next 3 months of practice is as follows

4- Jan and Elizabeth 10am
11 - Elizabeth Craig 10am
18 - Danni 9am
25 - Anne 2pm

November -
1 - Elizabeth 2pm
8 - Amy 10am
15 - Jan and Amy 10am
21 (Thursday) Elizabeth and Candace 5pm
29 Anne and Amy (?) 2pm

December -
6 - Danni 9am
13 - Elizabeth 2pm
20 - Amy (Solstice/Children's Day) All are welcome. Details TBD
27 - Anne and Jan 2pm

Look for this schedule to be on the Center calendar. Updates and changes will
be made early in the week of practice. All are welcome to join. Please let me or the
"lead" know if you will join them at least 24 hours in advance of their practice time.

Amy Aycrigg, Ikebana Practice Coordinator.

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