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Online Shambhala Sadhana Event

October 5 / 9:00 AM - October 5 / 11:00 AM

Juneau practictioners will gather at the Juneau Shambhala Center to participate in the Shambhala Online offering of a Shambhala Sadhana Event. This is an opportunity for people to gather with their centres or groups and practice the Shambhala Sadhana together online. Individuals who are unable to participate with their center or group may also register individually with .

This 90-minute program includes a brief presentation and Q&A with a Shambhala acharya or shastri. In order to participate, you have to have taken the Enlightened Society vow and received the lung and Sun Transmission.

The Basic Goodness of Society

The basic goodness of society can be very challenging to realize. When we look into the basic goodness of me and you, we can feel more grounded in direct experience. But how can we connect to the fundamental nature of a whole society? What society are we talking about? Please contemplate these questions and join us for a practice session of the Shambhala Sadhana, followed by a talk and discussion.

PREREQUISITE: The Shambhala Sadhana Events are open to anyone who has received the reading transmission (lung) and taken the Enlightened Society Vow.

To pre-register or for more information, email .

A "heart gfit" for the teacher may be offered here.

*Our Generosity Policy allows anyone to participate fully in the life of our Center regardless of his or her ability to contribute financially. The Juneau Shambhala Center thrives due to the generosity of its program participants, friends and members. Recognizing that generosity, trust and openness are interconnected, we offer all of our programs on a suggested-donation basis and welcome participants to donate less or more than the suggested amounts as they can afford.

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