Program Details

Sadhana & Daily Life

with Druppön Khenpo Lhabu
November 1 / 7:00 PM - November 9 / 5:00 PM

An unusual and precious opportunity to practice and receive instructions from a renowned meditation master of the Kagyü tradition!

  Druppön Khenpo Lhabu will teach a program on the creation and completion -utpattikrama and sampannakrama- aspects of sadhana practice. Khen Rinpoche (as he is usually addressed) has been asked to include teachings on how our yidam practices of Vajrayogini, Chakrasamvara, and so forth relate to both realization and daily experience.
  After the weekend program, we are invited to practice with Khen Rinpoche every morning, Monday – Friday, during which time he will continue his instructions in the Main Shrine room. The Snow Lion room will be available as well, from 10am-noon. Everyone is of course welcome to join our daily sitting, 9-10am. He is also known for his penetrating responses to questions about practice. Khen Rinpoche will also grant more restricted audiences on weekday evenings.

Tuition to the full program: $275
Partial attendance tuition:
  Friday night opening talk: $25
  Full weekend (includes Friday night): $150
  Weekday session or weeknight audience: $25
  Last Saturday: $75

Open to practioners empowered to practice a traditional yidam sadhana, or who received the Werma Sadhana at a Kalapa Assembly or Rigden Abhisheka.

Billeting can be arranged for out-of-town participants.
Contact Carol Johnstone for details:

Full Program Schedule

“Sadhana & Daily Life”
  Friday Nov. 1, 7 PM – talk 1
  Nov. 2, Sat. 7 PM – talk 2
  Nov. 3, Sun. 2:30 PM – talk 3
“Protector Practice”
  Nov. 9, Sat. 9 AM - noon & 2 - 5 PM (with Sadhana of Mahamudra feast)

Group PRACTICES (Some with prerequisites.):
  Nov. 2, Sat., 9 AM - Vajrayogini & Profound Guru Yoga
  Nov. 3, Sun., 9 AM - Chakrasamvara & Sun of Wisdom (without feast)
  Nov. 4, Mon., 9 AM to noon - Vajrakilaya
  Nov. 5, Tues., 9 AM to noon – Guru Yoga of the Four Sessions (by Mikyö Dorje), commemorating HH Karmapa XVI parinirvana
  Nov. 6, Wed., 9 AM to noon - Chakrasamvara
  Nov. 7, Thurs., 9 AM to noon - mahamudra vipashyana (investigations)
  Nov. 8, Fri., 9 AM to noon – Vajrayogini

  Nov. 2, Sat., 2 PM – six yogas of Naropa & Söpa Chöling retreatants
  Nov. 4, Mon., 7 PM  - Chakrasamvara
  CANCELLED Nov. 5, Tues., 7 PM  - sadhakas CANCELLED
  Nov. 8, Fri., 7 PM - Vajrayogini
Brief biography of Druppön Khenpo Lhabu
  Knowing that Druppön Khenpo will be visiting the Shambhala community for the first time, we thought to include some background information, taken from the following website: (See that as well as comments from students below.)
  At an early age, he was recognized to be someone of great qualities.  Trained in Tibet, he began a lengthy retreat in 1988. His gurus transmitted to him the totality of their profound teachings, empowerments, guidance, and pith instructions. Saying that there was the auspicious coincidence for him to become a chief of vidyadharas, they crowned him Rigdzin Chöje Gyalpo, "Vidyadhara Dharma King."
  Khenpo Lhabu has received empowerments, teachings, and transmissions from more than thirteen spiritual masters from all of Tibet's schools, including the great Khenpo Jigme Puntsok. In addition to serving as retreat master of Thrangu Rinpoche's three-year retreat center in Bhaktapur, Nepal, he is retreat master and a teacher at Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery in Scotland where he has founded an institute for philosophical studies.
"Khenpo Lhabu is another Khenpo Tsultrim. Direct, lively, and unwavering." —Michele Martin, translator

"He speaks from his endlessly curious mind, which seems to penetrate the core of whatever the object happens to be."

"With the Khenpo there was no chance to ‘just talk normal a little.’ He was fierce and uncompromising in holding the ultimate view . . . Of course this kind of kindness from teacher to student is inestimable."

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