Program Details

Community Day Gathering-Appreciate, Celebrate and Co-Create!

October 6 / 9:00 AM - October 6 / 12:30 PM

As promised last Saturday at our Harvest of Peace gathering, we will once again be coming together to continue our celebration and appreciation of our community's abundance and resources.  We will also be considering our future as a center; how to go forward both physically with further center improvements, as well as with offering ourselves to our local community as a vibrant and rich place of practice, study and health-giving conviviality.

First order of business will be to thank the many, but particularly the key players, in our recent meditation hall upgrade.  Then, traditionally in Shambhala, Harvest of Peace Day is a time for centers to do their membership or fund drives.  We did not have time to do that last Saturday, so today, we will be giving a picture of our current financial status and projected needs, and providing the opportunity for contributions to be made.  Finally, we'd like to hear from you; what are you loving about our community, what are you needing from our community, what are you willing or able to give to our community? 

Much like the world, as the Sakyong keeps reminding us, we as a center are at a crossroads.  If we are to survive well into the future, to have these invaluable teachings as well as this place of sanity and respite available to the community at large, we need more people becoming active, more people engaging the teachings, more people enacting them by way of service to the center in whatever way they can.  Sometimes, that can be by just showing up a bit little more.

Approximate schedule of the morning:

9:00 - 10:00 AM        Opening chants and Meditation

10:00  - 10:30 AM     Celebratory Coffee/Tea break with

                                   abundant refreshment

10:30 - 12:30 PM      Community Caring and Sharing  (thank you's,

                                   appreciations, updates, giving opportunities,

                                   strategizing, last hurrahs)


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