Program Details

Shambhala Training Sacred Path: Great Eastern Sun (Westside)

with Greg Lubkin
November 16 / 8:30 AM - November 17 / 6:00 PM

To repeat a weekend: $45

We invite you to participate in the Sacred Path program, a series of weekend meditation and study programs, similar to the Heart of Warriorship, designed to further deepen your experience of meditation and contemplation practice, and to introduce you to studying specific Shambhala texts. It is an opportunity to learn further methods for opening the heart, perceiving the inherent richness of the world, developing steadiness of mind and increasing delight and bravery in the midst of challenging life situations. This path is not about personal attainment so much as a way to engage with the world and bring about skillful and heart-full social engagement.

This is the first weekend program of the Sacred Path, and will be a review of Levels I-V, as well as a presentation of more advanced Shambhala teachings and sacred texts.

Pre-requisite: Completion of Way of Shambhala I (Shambhala Training Levels I-V, the five-week “In Everyday Life” courses, and the Rigden weekend). 

Greg Lubkin is a Westside resident who has over 20 years experience meditating and teaching in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.

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