Program Details

Basic Goodness Series #3

with Melissa Moore
June 6 / 7:00 PM - June 8 / 4:45 PM

The Basic Goodness of Reality

This course is the third of what is referred to now as The Basic Goodness Series; which is a three-part journey through the basic view and understanding of the Shambhala world, presented in an accessible way. This course is oriented towards universal questions, questions that have arisen in some form throughout human history, in most cultures and traditions; What is Reality?

In this course we take a weekend to explore the ordinary magic of reality and learn about the progressive stages of discovering non-dual perception of the elements and thus the nature of mind. Students will be taking sense perceptions and the elements as their teachers throughout the weekend, and the course is experientially oriented to see, hear, touch, taste and smell reality afresh and awaken to the innate capacity we all possess to explore and directly experience the essence of reality; which according to the Shambhala Terma is the essence of basic goodness!

The Basic Goodness Series is designed to invite the participation and experience of the class participants to be partners in the process of inquiry and learning. We could think of this as offering a service for our cities and regions—in a speedy world where there is little space for reflection, when our time is supposed to be “practical” and “productive,” we are creating the conditions for people to come together, look deeply and patiently, and have a unique kind of conversation that is difficult to have in most contexts.

Participants need to have an established meditation practice and to have completed at least one of the previous courses in The Basic Goodness Series. Exceptions should be run by the Director, Acharya Melissa Moore.


Acharya Melissa Moore is a Buddhist practitioner, meditation teacher and a developer of curriculum Contemplative Psychology . She founded The Karuna Training in Europe in 1996: Karuna is a 3-year professional training in Contemplative Psychology. Melissa is empowered as an Acharya (Senior Teacher and Preceptor) in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. She is a long-time student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche since 1979.


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