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Public Talk: Bringing Your Relationships & Spiritual Path Together

with Doria Cross
November 8 / 7:00 PM - November 8 / 9:00 PM

"To begin with, you have to look at your ordinary domestic reality:your knives your forks, your plates, your telephone, your dishwasher your towels--ordinary things,....if there is no connection with ordinary everyday situations,if you don't examine your mundane life, then you will never find any humor or dignity or ultimately any reality" 


The Shambhala Path is all about being able to see. 

Seeing ourselves, Seeing others, Seeing the world in a way that is clear and unfettered. 

This is 24/7 path, there are no breaks, it is all inclusive.  Our lovers, our children, our friends, strangers, everyone is part of this spiritual path.  Everyone and Everything is our teacher.  


Join us for a talk and discussion on this ordinary and potent topic.


Doria Gutierrez Cross, student for 20 year of SMR, founding member of San Antonio Shambhala Center, resided at SMC, currently director of culture and decorum for SA, Shambhala Training director, High School, wife...daughter...
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