Program Details

Shambhala Training Level V

with Holly Gayley
September 19 / 7:30 PM - September 21 / 6:00 PM

In Level V our awareness continues to expand. This is likened to the open clear sky of mind, which is a delightful source of wisdom and uplifted energy. By learning to trust our nature enough to let go into the present moment with gentleness and precision, the Shambhala teachings help us to soften our hearts and appreciate the sacredness of our daily lives.


About Shastri Holly Gayley

Shastri Gayley teaches courses on Buddhism in the Religious Studies department at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  She has been a practitioner of meditation in the Shambhala community since 1992 and regularly presents meditation to groups on college campuses.  Holly has frequently traveled to Eastern Tibet for her research on contemporary Buddhist movements.

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