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Writing and Play-- Mindfulness in Action; Writing through the Body

with Aidan Thompson
December 7 / 9:30 AM - December 7 / 5:00 PM

The idea of “play” is often associated with the nonessential—referring to activities done after the important” or “serious” business of the day. However, regardless of the pursuits we undertake, our minds are constantly at play, engaging new environmental stimuli as we make sense of the ever-changing world. Consciousness is inherently creative in a space whereperception and world meet in the theater of the mind. While thisplay of the mind has a tendency to solidify our stories into habitual and limiting scenarios, meditation helps us to retain a spontaneous or impromptu relation to the ongoing, unpredictable moment. In this work(play)shop we will cultivate “play” in both senses of the word—to be playful and to engage with the improvisational capacities of the mind. Through improvisational theater and movement exercises, we will pay attention to sense impressions of the present moment and apply this embodied and spontaneous approach to art and life to the art of writing.

The class is open to anyone interested in deepening their meditation practice, beginning writers interested in exploring their creativity, and experienced writers looking for ways to break writers’ block or revitalize their material for a new project.

Aidan is the author of two books of poetry, Particle and Probability (Potes and Poets Press) and So Earnest to Have a Green Point (Palimpsest Press). She has trained and performed with improvisational artist such as Danny Lepkoff in NYC and Ruth Zaporha in the Bay Area. She has been studying Buddhism for fifteen years; the last five years have been focused on Shambhala.

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