Program Details

Community Nyinthun & Milarepa Day

with Norma Harris
March 15 / 9:00 AM - March 15 / 5:00 PM

Deepen your practice with a full-day meditation retreat, or nyinthun, focusing on mindfulness/awareness as taught in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. This structured retreat will include sitting and walking meditation, readings, and meditation interviews for those who would like them. Participants should bring their own lunch.  We will eat lunch together.

Program is free.  Donations to the Center are welcomed.


The nyinthun is not designed to be someone’s first experience with meditation. However, motivated beginners could prepare themselves to participate in the nyinthun by attending community sittings at the atlanta Shambhala Center, taking the center’s “Learn to Meditate” class, and establishing a regular sitting practice before the retreat.

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