Program Details

Community Gathering: What am I grateful for?

with Nathan Railla
November 26 / 6:45 PM - November 26 / 8:00 PM

The entire Denver Shambhala community is invited to stop by the Center for an informal tea with the Center Director, Nathan Railla. Leaders and members of the Shambhala community are highly recommended to attend.  

We will start with tea and open conversations then join together in a larger group to engage in a few topics:

  • Revitalization Project - update and future possibilities for uplifting the physical space of the center

  • Richness in Shambhala - how do we unify and strengthen our community resources?

  • Open for other community interests


This will be a good time if you have any questions or concerns or curiousities about SMCD, to share with the community. This is a series of community gatherings that will happen monthly.
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