Program Details

Rigden Unconditional Confidence

with Eric Spiegel
April 25 / 7:30 PM - April 27 / 6:30 PM

Rigden Weekend is the culmination of the five levels of Shambhala Training and the cycle of In Everyday Life courses – collectively “The Way of Shambhala”. 


The program Rigden introduces the student to the depth and meaning of the Shambhala Lineage represented by a senior teacher, an Acharya  appointed by the Sakyong. 


The Rigden is a representation of our basic enlightened nature and embodies the principle of unconditioned bravery. Historically, Rigdens were enlightened rulers – those who could “rule their world” based on their unwavering experience of basic goodness. This weekend includes a formal transmission of Windhorse practice, and study of the Six Ways of Ruling. This program is the gateway for the next stage of the path: studying the Shambhala Terma ( sacred Texts) through the Sacred Path programs. 


Shambhala Vow.

The program brings together many of the teachings and instructions we’ve received and culminates with the taking of the Shambhala Vow, a commitment to developing trust in one’s basic goodness.  Those who take the Shambhala Vow will receive a “Shambhala Name” as part of the ceremony.



The Shambhala Vœu will be offered Sunday afternoon. Details to be announced soon.


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