Program Details

Shambhala Salon

October 17 / 7:00 PM - November 14 / 9:00 PM

Food, Conversation and Meditation

Be an Instigator*!! Pick a dharma topic and find friends to study with. 

All Salons take place in members’ homes, rotating each week.

Suggested Format: (but do whatever you like!)

*Instigator (prior to week 1 only)— organize the first meeting by picking a topic and inviting friends to join you.

Host—open your home to fellow sangha members and provide the space for food, conversation, meditation.

Discussion group leader—take responsibility for pulling out main points from the reading(s) and bringing in questions or specific points for discussion

Organizer—be sure the readings for the following week are determined before the group breaks for the evening; if someone misses the class, call them and give them the “assignment” (their role and reading list); be sure the host for next week is determined and that all have the address and directions

Evening format:

Week 1—get together and make a list of readings and specific discussion topics. Bring ideas with you. The host will provide light snacks. Each Salon will consist of food, conversation, and meditation.

Week 2-5—light snacks, sitting, discussion (in any order) Each week, someone new will get to be host. Opening our houses to each other may be a welcome opportunity, an intimidating challenge, or a seeming irritation, but in any case it will allow us to practice in action.

Note: TheseSalons are open to dues paying Shambhala Center members only—a perk for being a member.

Please post Salon Groups at the Center. Limiting the group to 5 people allows an opportunity for everyone to be a ‘host’, and fewer people allow for more intimate dialog.

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