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Qigong 1&2 Practice and Review

with Robin Williams
December 22 / 8:00 AM - December 22 / 9:00 AM

This is a practice and review for people who have taken Daoist Qigong 1&2 which includes self-massage, stretching, tendon-changing, and standing postures in the Xiantianwujimen and Yiquan lineages held by Dr. Eva Wong. If you are interested in taking these levels, Qigong 1-3 is being offered May 23-26, 2014. For questions contact:


Robin teaches visual arts and was a dancer, dance teacher, and choreographer for over 30 years. She is a CMA, certified movement analyst and involved with creative and contemplative dance. She co-directs Contemplative Arts with Jennifer Parde.


Free and open to those who have taken Qigong 1&2

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