Program Details

Wide Awake! Buddhism for Teens

with Sheila Craig
December 1 / 1:00 PM - December 1 / 3:00 PM

So, you might ask: What is mindfulness? What is Buddhism? What does it have to do with being a teenager? How can some guy who lived 2600 years ago have anything useful to say to me?

OK… do you ever feel anxious, worried, angry, scared, sad, intimidated, embarrassed, jealous, stressed or just plain miserable? Prince Siddhartha did too, all those thousands of years ago. After trying all the usual ways to feel happy (food, music, sex, toys …) he figured out a way that actually, really works. What did he do? He woke up! And you can too. You can feel alive, confident, joyful and compassionate and enjoy your life a whole lot more.

Through discussion, interactive activities, mindful movement and meditation, you’ll touch into what the Buddha discovered and then taught to thousands of people. They found his teachings so helpful that they passed them along and 2600 years later, people still find happiness through taking his message to heart.

Wide Awake is intended for teens aged 12 - 16.

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