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Enlightened Society Explores Diversity

January 19 / 2:00 PM - January 19 / 4:30 PM

November 24 - Ability/Disability

January 19 - Race

In this series we will explore a spectrum of human diversity-- for example: race, sexual orientation, ability/disability. We offer an environment where people of all backgrounds can explore their personal experience of diversity with others.

Through meditation, film, and mindful speaking and listening, we cultivate connection and deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

Through meditation we awaken our hearts, thus we cultivate compassion.

Through the medium of film we experience a specific area of difference. This is a way to explore diversity as it arises in culture and everyday life.  

Through a practice of mindful speaking & listening, we can be with what arises. We can hold our minds steady, be in our bodies, and more fully comprehend and appreciate the spectrum of human diversity.  

May wisdom dawn.

Suggested donation $5- $20 per meeting. Membership Policy and Generosity Policy applies. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Series will be led by a diverse team:Shastri Charlene Leung, Bob Pressnall, Chinh Nguyenquoc, and April Atencio.

Questions or for more information: Faith

Enlightened Society is “not an attempt to highlight a culture’s positive aspects and ignore the negative. Rather, the totality is illuminated. Thus by definition, an enlightened society has the ability to comprehend the full spectrum of human activity.” --Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

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